Tuesday, June 19, 2012

FET update..

Well, this frozen embryo transfer has proven to be more stressful than a fresh cycle for me.  Whew! To play catch up, I went to the RE last Wednesday.  My lining was only at 7.2, when the doctor wanted it to be an 8.  He increased my estrace from two 2mg pills daily to 3.  I went back on Saturday, my lining had made it up to 7.9.  I was told to come back on Tuesday (today) and if my lining and estrogen levels weren't better, my cycle would be canceled.  Blagh.  I have never had lining problems with cycles before.  2 fresh cycles, 2 perfect linings.  Needless to say I have been on an emotional (and hormonal) whirlwind the past week.  This mornings ultrasound showed my lining to be at a 8.5 with a nice triple stripe.  So, I find myself sitting here doing the usual..waiting waiting waiting on the doctor to call.  Keeping my fingers crossed!!

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