Friday, September 2, 2011

National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and 5 ? Friday!

As many of you know, this topic is something near and dear to my heart.  In summary, my husband is a cancer survivor - in particular of a childhood cancer.  Rhabdomyosarcoma is a soft tissue cancer that usually occurs in children under the age of 8 - before puberty.  My husband was diagnosed at age 23.  He was too old to be treated at St. Jude Children's Research in Memphis, TN, but because he had a childhood cancer, and because it was EXTREMELY rare for him to have it at his age, he was accepted, treated, and ultimately cured.  God put his angels at St. Jude to treat these sweet babies...Nothing is more humbling in the world than being at a place with so many sick children, who, despite the way they feel, still have smiles on their faces.  If you do nothing else today, visit the St. Jude website and donate, or even buy something from their adorable gift shop..all proceeds go right back into the hospital!

And now on to......
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1. Shoes in the house - yay or nay?
    Yay, Yay, and Yay!

2. What do you call them- flip flops, slippers, thongs, etc?
     flip flops!

3. What song are you almost embarrassed to admit you know all the lyrics to?
    Miley Cirus - Party in the USA

4. What is the best quality to have in a friend?

5. Do you know what you want for Christmas?
    to be pregnant!!! OF COURSE!!

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  1. Baby for christmas... that would be fun. Then you don't have to watch what you are eating. Makes it much funner, LOL! I can't even think of what that Miley song sounds like, LOL!. Have a great weekend!
    ~ Kimberlee at The Spunky Diva