Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Is that crickets I hear???...

I know, I know...World's worst blogger..I haven't been on here in ages.. I am ashamed..But Kandice gave me motivation to come back since she has.  So, I will try to become a better blogger. blah blah blah

So what have I been up to since my last entry??? First of all, we lost my sweet grandpa last Thursday.  He had developed dementia, and had possibly had a stroke.  I got to spend the day before with him, and thank God, he knew me.  I also got to hear him pray in a language, that according to the preacher there, is ancient and not many people ever get to hear.  I know he was right with the Lord, and he was ready to go.  In the four years since his wife's passing, he has dreamt of the day when he would see her again.  How sweet it must have been when he saw her face again.

I also have another failed IVF under my belt...Now I am just kind of..stuck? No money to move forward, and not sure if my body and mind can handle ANOTHER round of IVF...  We do have one frostie in the freezer, but do I go through another round of meds, etc for one frostie? I mean I will eventually, but my mind has to be able to grasp it first. For now, I have moved on to another goal...

Weight loss! I am ashamed to say that I have gained around 25 pounds during my two IVF's and I am ready for it to be GONE.  I am ready to physically and mentally feel better.  This is the first step.  Right now I am following a plan I found on Pinterest.  It basically outlines every day of the week M-F with 20 minutes of cardio with strength training.  I add to the cardio doing anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes a day right now and I tweak the cardio adding reps to my strong parts.  I hope to gradually be able to add to this plan.  Here is today's card:

 Hope every has a wonderful hump day!

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  1. i *love* all the fitspiration going around right now!!! i gained back 8 of the 10lbs i lost when andy was home!! i eat whatever he eats and we eat out so freaking much (i'm too lazy to cook much when he's here, i would rather get in the extra snuggle time).

    YAY for blogging!