Our journey to parenthood!

We have known each other most of our lives....

Began dating summer 2006..
DH diagnosis of Rhabdomyosarcoma October 2006
St. Jude treatments from Oct 2006 -August 2007

Wedding Day! April 11, 2009

Fast forward to August 2010, we had been told before my hubs began chemo, that there would be a good chance, given the extent of his cancer treatment and the types of drugs used to fight the tumor, that his fertility would be effected.  So, he was sent to the Fertility Associates of Memphis for cryopreservation.  When we decided that we were ready to begin our family, the doctors at St. Jude advised us to consult with FAM to make sure that their assumptions were in fact true - that Assisted Reproductive Technology, namely In Vitro Fertilization, would be our only hope of achieving our dream of becoming parents.  We met with Dr. Raymond Ke....
IVF # 1, January 2011= BFN, non to freeze
IVF # 2, October 2011= BFN, 1 frozen baby
FET # 1, March 2012 = BFP
Loss # 1, August 2012 @ 9 weeks, D&C and angel in Heaven
Decision is made to hand it over to God, no more IVF
January 18, 2013, receive a phone call from our ad in the local paper that changed oru lives forever...
January 20, 2013, met the love of my life, my son.