Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hello Lupron Headache

Hello Lupron Headache . . . .
Why hello! I was wondering how long it would take you to arrive.  I knew to expect you, I just didn’t count on you showing up so soon, so unexpected. 
Argh…I did Lupron injections during IVF #1 ….I did Gainarelix (spelling?) during numero dos….So, its been a while.. I’m not one to have severe side effects from fertility drugs (if you don’t count the rage, mood swings, need to break things…) but I did have some headaches from Lupron the first time.  It just seems like it took it a tid bit longer to get into my system than one measly injection. 
All complaining aside, the shot went fairly well..If you’ve given yourself one shot, you’ve given yourself a million. 
This morning I started 2mg of Estrace, that will be done morning and evening..I did use Estrace the last time, just a blue pill, no biggy, right? 
The things we ladies do to have children…

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